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The Junction

The first CareConfidential centre was set up 20 years ago in Southampton, after a GP saw a desparate need to reach out to women in difficult situations involving pregnancy and termination and felt challenged to do something.

There are now 160 Centres in the UK, offering pregnancy crisis, post-abortion and baby loss support.

The Junction offers support in a caring, safe and non-judgemental atmosphere; from trained advisors who will listen and give the client time and space to talk things through, considering options and providing relevant information, respecting the freedom of the client to make their own choice. The service is available for men and women of any age and is free of charge.

A pregnancy crisis client might only visit once or twice, to talk through their options in order to make a better informed decision.

A person who has experienced abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth would work through a ten-step program called 'The Journey'; looking at and dealing with some of the emotions they may be feeling. This may be any length of time after the event. 

A real-life story of one of our clients:

'I struggled with the after effects of my abortion for years before I finally sought help from the Junction. I suffered from nightmares, flashbacks and extreme anxiety. I found it impossible to be around anything related to pregnancy or children and just couldn't accept the decision that I had made. I felt as though I had no right to 'grieve' any loss, as it was a loss that I had chosen myself. This meant that I didn't realize there was anywhere I could go to share my feelings and say all of the things that I felt i couldn't say to anyone else.

Quite simply, going to the Junction is the best decision I have ever made because it has given me back my life. It allowed me to truly grieve and to examine the reasons for my decision. Working through The Journey prompted me to think deeply about my abortion in a constructive way and I learnt how to not let it control my life. It was unimaginable to me that I could truly accept my decision to have an abortion and move on with my life looking forward to the future. Grieving after an abortion is such a lonely experience and to have someone to support me through it meant so much. I would urge anyone that is struggling after their abortion to seek help from the Junction because, although you might not realise it, there is hope.'

The Junction is part of the HOPE Charity.  For more information see our website