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Missional Small Groups

Missional Smallgroups (MSG’s)

We want to encourage one another to be people who know and love God, passionate, spiritually healthy and engaged in our communities.    We believe it is our privilege to engage in the great causes of our day: reaching out to the poor, the marginalized, the victimized and powerless of our world.

That means most groups have adopted a Glenwood project or person who is actively involved in missional work.  This means the small group is committed to regularly praying for the project/person, to blessing those who work for the project and maybe occasionally volunteering to help.  It is also a good way to find out about how a project works and if it may be something that you then want to get involved in.

These are groups of about 12-14 people who meet on a regular basis – usually once a week – on different nights of the week.  Below there is a list of the groups and the missional project they support.  

If you would like to join one of our missional small group please contact Rachel Treseder on 029 2033 7880 or email

Matt and Abi Sutton


The group is an informal, friendly gathering of like minded people in their late 20’s/30’s, a number of whom have young families. We meet for debate, to be challenged, supported and encouraged. Sessions vary including book discussions, topical debates, bible studies (including DVD studies) and frequent socials.


Marc and Hannah Thomas


We are a 20s to 30s group made up of students, young professionals, married’s and single’s.  We are a group who desire to be challenged in our faith and to grow together in our walk with Christ.  We explore culture through the lens of Scripture with a desire to be better prepared “to give a reason for the hope we have in Christ Jesus”.

Frank And Helen

Frank and Helen Joseph


We meet to support one another through prayer,  Bible study and topical discussion. We support Golnar Jamieson (Turkey), the Smith family (Burkina Faso) and Ali Jenson’s schools work, and prayer walk once a month around the Pennsylvania estate. As a group we share a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable time together (sometimes with children/extended family) and encourage each other’s spiritual growth. 

Missional Project: Supporting work in local communities and overseas

Tim And Cerys

Tim and Cerys Lockett


Mostly bible studies and looking after each other with the odd board games night or social thrown in.  We encourage all group members to take a turn leading a study or prayer session so there's variety in the teaching (and so we don't have to do all the work ourselves!) Age range 30ish to 60ish.

Missional Project: Open to suggestions

Tom And Helen

Tom And Helen

St Mellons

As a group we are passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come in East Cardiff and exploring this together. Our heart is to be and develop community – and there is a definite flavor across our devotion, study and prayer as to how we follow Jesus in doing this. Currently we are mostly in our 20s and 30s but are very keen to diversify

Missional Project: St Mellon's estate and local young people. Intentional communities/community living

Ben And Eleanor

Ben and Eleanor Brown


We tend to chat, pray, have Bible study twice a month, share a meal once a month and generally try to be open, honest and inclusive

Steve And Liz

Steve and Liz Hilsden


We do regular Bible Study - but also programme social activities into our schedule - everyone helps put a terms timetable together.  We are a group of varying ages from early thirties to a little older, mixed with married couples and single people

Missional Project: The Speakeasy Advice Centre


Jenny Burns

Pontprennau and various locations

Bible study every session.  A time of sharing.  A social with a meal at the end of every term.  All passionate about the Bible and how it can speak into our lives.

Nkini And Alison

Nkini Pulie and Alison Jenson


We gather to meet with God, know his love, his rich blessing and goodness. We want to explore who God is together and his heart for each one of us, we want to see him move in the big and the small! All this through Bible study, prayer & community. Group open to anyone and everyone in Llanedyrn…

Missional Project: Llanedeyrn Community

Kate and Simon

Simon and Kate Braybrook

Llandaff North

Looking together at what makes for good mental health and well-being within Glenwood church community. This will include discussion, bible study and practicing ways of looking after our/each-others mental health (e.g. thankfulness, helping others, savouring enjoyment, building community etc.) We have young families so will ensure meetings will include day time (weekend) child-friendly meetings as well as evenings.  
All are welcome, especially those interested in mental wellbeing, perhaps because of their own mental health, someone else’s, or their profession.  Members of other life groups are welcome to get involved too! 
This is not “therapy” or a “support group”, but hopefully being involved will be supportive … and therapeutic

Caroline Adams

Cardiff Bay

Meeting on a Tuesday the group will be looking to support and encourage the welcome process within Glenwood and the work of the welcome team.

Missional Project: Welcome and Hospitality