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Tavs Centre

Tavs is a community centre for engaging with people in need.  The centre is run by Glenwood Faith Community and is the hub of a range of projects run by different organisations and churches.  It is situated in the heart of Cardiff on Tavistock Street, just off City Road in Roath

We want TAVS to be a space where people feel encouraged supported and empowerd, we want it to be safe pace. A place where people grow in confidence, see positive change and recognise there is hope. We want to build community and see lives transformed.

We do this in a number of ways:

Evening meals

We have two evening where meals are provided for the homeless and vulnerable in the City. We can see up to 60 people come for food. These happen on a Sunday and Monday evening.  Sunday evenings is run by Glenwood church and we have a number of churches who on a monthly rota to cover the Monday evening.

TAVS Choir

The TAVS choir has been running for about three years. Choir practice happens  for an hour every Monday morning before the evening meal. We have had the opportunity to do a number of performances in the City.

TAVS Creative

This happens of a Tuesday afternoon, an opportunity for people to be creative. We are keen to continue to build this to have a number of different creative people come and regularly run workshops. Good mix of people engage with this space. We have been able to have an exhibition to show case our art in the past. We also have held stores where we have sold items we have made.

Friday Open Door – Cardiff Vineyard

This space offers brunch, short worship session, talk and prayer. Growing number of people are going to this on a Friday morning. Space to build relationships and explore faith.

TAVS Bakery

Monthly bakery sessions with a regular group of bakers. We have just received some funding to employ someone one day a week to develop and expand what we are doing through the bakery. A food hygiene course has been completed by a few volunteers which is great. 

We have a few one of events and a charities seeking bread from us.

TAVS courses

Run our first women’s wellbeing course before the summer. General idea, bake a loaf of bread, run an aspect of a course and then load of bread gets taken home. We hope to partner with different groups for referrals onto the courses. 

We are looking to run addictions to recovery in a similar way as well as a life skills course.


This is offered at TAVS alongside 6 other venues in the city. Once a  week we open their doors to provide those on the streets an evening meal, shower, somewhere to sleep and breakfast. This runs from December to March.

Other activities at TAVS

We have a number of one off activities at TAVS.

·         Quizzes

·         Fundraiser walks

·         We show big sporting matches on a large screen

·         Blackberry picking and jam making