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Small Groups


Smallgroups are an integral part of the life of Glenwood Church.  All over Cardiff people gather informally to help one another to go deeper in their relationships with one another and with God. These groups vary in size – some as small as 3 others as large as 20. They can be made up of young families, grandparents, college students or a collection of everybody!
We encourage everyone to be part of a group and as you as you read on you will discover we offer groups of different sizes and with varied options  - so we really hope there is a group that works for you.

Why smallgroups?
We are all made for relationship and community – nobody wants to be alone.  But in a large church it can be very difficult to get to know people. For many it can be very intimidating when you first walk into a large community, and you wonder, “how on earth can I get to know anyone?”  While small groups are not the only way to help with this, they are certainly a main way of getting to know people and begining to feel that one belongs.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how and where you can get involved in a church. Because most small groups ‘support’ a missional project in the church then it is an easier way to find out more and get involved! 
Most importantly for those of us who follow Jesus the challenge is always – How can I love him more? How can I know more of the heart of the Father?  How can I continue being filled with His Holy Spirit?  Where and how do I serve Him?  These are the big questions of life. 


One of the roles of church is therefore to inspire, encourage and support people to develop a genuine life as a disciple of Jesus Christ and it is mainly through our relationships with others that we experience the practical outworking of our belief in God.

We would really encourage you to get involved in a smallgroup. However, we also recognise that life in the 21Century is much more complicated and working patterns are so varied that one model of small groups no longer suits everybody.  To that end we have tried to build a menu of different size small groups that give you choice of how and where you want to engage with them.

How will a smallgroup help me?
All of us need to take responsibly for our spiritual growth and to be part of a smallgroup  should really help on your journey.  These are some of the areas that it may help

Develop authentic friendships – belonging
Connect faith and life
Be missional as individuals and a group.
Be a place that helps me to discover my ‘calling'
Help us to love Jesus more.

If you would like to find out more about small groups at Glenwood please contact Rachel Treseder ( or Norman Adams ( or by phone on  029 2033 7880